It’s Official…

We are homeschoolers.  Firefly is on board.  Curriculum has been purchased. Friends and family are being told.  Lessons are being planned.

About that…

We are doing Five in a Row (F.I.A.R.) and I had wonderful fun planning for the Madeline book.  Then I  moved on to Mike Mulligan and His Steam Shovel.  Here is where I got stuck. The science lesson for this has to do with steam engines.  Now, when I read about steam engines,  I just want to lay my head down on my desk and go to sleep am fascinated.

Firefly, upon hearing that we were going to study steam engines:  WOW, WE ARE GOING TO LEARN ABOUT STEAM ENGINES??!!  I LOVE STEAM ENGINES!!! CAN WE START NOW??!!  HOW DO THEY WORK??!!

Me: [lifting head up from desk]  Go ask your father.  [head thuds back onto desk]

See Madeline, that was fun. It is a book I remember well from my childhood. You can do really cute Madeline crafts and you can “Take a walk at half past nine”, just like Madeline.  Steam engines are not cute.  The science of machines is just not high on my list of interesting things. When it comes to science, I am more of a “nature study” kind of gal.

But this is one of my first lessons in homeschooling.  I know I have to find the things that get my child excited about learning, even if they don’t excite me.  And so I will.  We will watch youtube videos of steam engines, we will go see one in person on a field trip, we will learn about steam vs. electricity vs. diesel fuel for power.  We will heat up the tea kettle and watch as steam comes out. Hey, wait a minute, that sounds like fun.  Then I could have a cup of tea.  And we could make Mike Mulligan cake.  To go with the tea.  Mike Mulligan cake is made with chocolate. Hmmmmm…….

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3 Responses to It’s Official…

  1. Mom says:

    So proud of you with all your energy to do this. It’ll be worth it. Love the picture of the three of them off to the berry patch.

  2. shan1004 says:

    I am impressed. What an undertaking!

  3. Ahhh – see, you already know about FIAR 🙂 Cool!! I just commented on one of your other (more recent) posts about FIAR. Again, I LOVED it. Too bad about the Madeline lessons. I have 2 boys so I knew that was out of the question going in, lol.

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