Homeschooling With a Toddler?

Ok, people do this all the time, right? I mean, look at the Duggars. I just have to figure out how to keep Love Bug busy so I can work with Firefly.

So I searched for ideas on some homeschooling blogs and forums. Lots of stuff out there. They mostly say things like, “Keep some special paper and crayons just for your toddler to use during the time you are working on schoolwork with your older children. The toddler can sit at the table next to you and color. This will make him feel like he is a part of what you and your other children are doing.”

Mmm hmmm. In our house, it’s more like this: Picture my toddler throwing his head back, as he laughs in an evil manner and crushes a fistful of crayons, then scampers up to the top of the refrigerator and beats his chest with his little fists, King Kong style. Yup, that’s what it will be like homeschooling with my toddler.

Ree Drummond, The Pioneer Woman, describes homeschooling with a toddler like this: “When you have a baby or a toddler and you homeschool—-fuhgettabouta schedule. There is poop when there should be math. And there’s crying when there should be literature.” Words to live by.

Add to that, for my particular toddler, there will be picking the lock to the pantry and dumping the 25 pound bag of Super Lucky Elephant jasmine rice from Costco all over the floor, followed by overturning a laundry basket so he can reach the kitchen counter and empty out the wooden block thingy that holds our knives. I mean, not that he’s ever done these exact things but he’s capable, oh believe me, he’s capable.

Our best bet is to do as much schoolwork as we can while he is asleep. Which is a measly two hours per day. Poor Firefly. He’ll be 30 before he’s learned what he needs to know just to get into middle school.

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2 Responses to Homeschooling With a Toddler?

  1. Hello,
    You can do it! Remember, homeschooling doesn’t take nearly as long as public school does…two hours are plenty for a 6 year old. For some ideas to help you keep your little ones busy and happy, take a look at my article, “Keeping Little Ones Busy” (while homeschooling older children–) .) There are lots of ideas and links on my blog, too; I blog about homepreschool/homeschool from a faith-based, developmentally appropriate perspective–using a literature approach.
    Many blessings,
    Susan Lemons

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