And if you didn’t already think I was crazy enough…

I am thinking of homeschooling not one, but two of my children. I shouldn’t because I have a great set-up. The Queen Bee is enrolled in a wonderful home-based preschool program in our neighborhood. Firefly went there for 2 years. Queen Bee went last year. It’s a wonderful, happy place for the very social Queen Bee. It would allow me 1.5 hours of uninterrupted time with Firefly while Love Bug naps.

But then The Husband announced that it was time for another Budget Discussion. Ugh. I dread the budget discussions. But they are necessary. So we discussed. We budgeted. And the single biggest expense that we could cut, short of being homeless and without transportation is…….Preschool Tuition.

“Nooooo!!!!”, I cried. Not Preschool! How will I have any sanity at all if I don’t send the Queen Bee to Preschool? You see, Queen Bee and Firefly, they love each other, really they do, but also, they fight. A lot. Sometimes for days. Hostages are taken (usually Elmo). Teams are formed (well, just the baby). And I am left shrieking and declaring the ultimate, hated, “SEPARATE ACTIVITY QUIET TIME!” Well, they hate it. I think it’s awesome.

But then, I thought, it would be easy to do preschool at home with Queen Bee. She loves to do art and make crafts. She’s so interested in writing letters that I bought the preschool version of the handwriting program I’m going to use with Firefly. She loves to be read to. And she’s four, she plays dress-up and builds with legos and watches The Letter Factory and that’s exactly what she should be doing. She has friends and goes on playdates. She would be just fine at home.

It will be a different first year for Firefly, though. And for me. And so I am torn. It could be better with Queen Bee home. We could go on field trips and hikes and not worry about being back at a certain time to pick her up. But I wouldn’t get that uninterrupted time with Firefly in the afternoons.

Decisions, decisions…..

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One Response to And if you didn’t already think I was crazy enough…

  1. My ‘yell’ is “LOUD REPETITIVE NOISE!!!!” It drives this mama abso-starking-loutely bonkers. I have 2 boys and they lo-o-o-o-ove to make the kinds of noises that make your brain slowly seep out of your ears.

    I’m also feeling you on the budget discussions. Hang in there 🙂 You’ll figure it out. I loved when mine were little and we still do FIAR-based lessons when we find a subject that just grabs us to the exclusional interest of all else. FIAR also works great with lapbooks. Those are super cool if you haven’t read about them.
    Good luck!!

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