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F.I.A.R. Madeline

Five in a Row started off with a big success:  Madeline!  Both my 6 and 4 year old really enjoyed “rowing” this book.  The basic concept of F.I.A.R. is that you read the same book each day and then do … Continue reading

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We’ve Begun

Our first week of homeschool in a nutshell. Day 1: Faaaannnnntastic! Everyone was excited, we finished more than I ever imagined. Firefly whined a bit here and there but it truly was a dream day of homeschooling. I may never … Continue reading

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How do YOU Prepare Your Child to be Homeschooled?

Yes, you.  I really want to know.  I’m new at this. We officially start homeschooling tomorrow. I am wondering if I’ve prepared my child for the world’s inquiries about our new journey. I myself have begun to adjust to… The … Continue reading

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Our New Art Room

We’ve had many spaces for art in our home, but having a very active toddler has compelled us to designate a room in our house just for art.  I believe that kids should be able to go and create whenever … Continue reading

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Passion Flowers

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I don’t have any one thing to write about, but here, in a nutshell, is what takes up my time, runs through my brain and otherwise occupies me this week: We start homeschool one week from Monday. I haven’t hung … Continue reading

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Surviving Doubts

“Mom, I’ve changed my mind.  I want to go back to Hilltop Elementary.”,  Firefly announced, one day as we were driving.  He gazed longingly as we passed  a friend’s house, a friend he made last year in public school kindergarden. … Continue reading

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