My Not-So-Secret Addiction

I have a problem.  Really, I do.

I keep buying school supplies this time of year.

But who can pass up twenty-five cent boxes of 24 crayons?  And fifty cent notebooks?  And the glue sticks, oh my, the super packs of glue sticks!  So I went to Target and I bought the items you see here.

Not bad, right? Except it’s the fourth time I’ve gone to Target and bought two bags worth of school supplies.  Storage is becoming an issue.

When I sent my son to public school last year, they gave out an order form where you could actually order all of your child’s school supplies for the entire year and have it delivered in a giant box.  Where is the fun in that, I ask you?  Of course I threw that form right in the trash.  Public school was not going to spoil my fun.  I was thrilled that my oldest child was finally of age to need actual school supplies.  He, on the other hand, was fairly neutral about the whole idea. Whatever. I was going school supply shopping! Can you tell I was quite the dork about this as a child? Yeah, it continued into adulthood.

Anyways, now that we homeschool, I don’t need to be tied down to “The List” of school supplies given out by “The Teacher”. I am the teacher. Mwahhahahahahaha!!!!

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2 Responses to My Not-So-Secret Addiction

  1. LMAO – you’re cracking me up!! {runs off to hide the new boxes of crayons with the old, also still new-in-box crayons that we haven’t gotten to yet since the old boxes of crayons are still perfectly functional}.
    Homeschooling is fun! 🙂

  2. Thanks, InstinctiveMom. I am digging your blog. 🙂

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