Surviving Doubts

“Mom, I’ve changed my mind.  I want to go back to Hilltop Elementary.”,  Firefly announced, one day as we were driving.  He gazed longingly as we passed  a friend’s house, a friend he made last year in public school kindergarden.  “Yeah, I’m gonna do that.” He nodded his head, affirmingly, and it was settled, for him.

“We can talk about that,” I said, but what I was thinking was, “Oh, crap.”  I had thought we were all set.

Although initially skeptical, he had been sooooo excited about homeschooling.  When our math and handwriting curriculums arrived, he played with them for hours.  He’s been inspecting the workbox system I set up and he had so much fun exploring the vendor booths at the recent homeschool conference we went to.  When I heard him announce he wanted to return to public school, I felt a wave of panic inside.

The next day I asked him, “What were you missing yesterday about Hilltop Elementary?”  Turns out, he thought if he went there for first grade, he’d have the exact same kids in his class that he in kindergarten.  When I explained that a class would be made up of 6 different groups of kindergarden kids, that he might not be in class with his friends or only one or two of them, he was surprised.  We talked about how we could still have playdates with his friends, how he might wind up on a basketball team with them this coming winter.  He seemed satisfied and I felt relieved.  While it’s not essential that he be totally thrilled with homeschooling 100 percent of the time, it sure does feel helpful to have him on board.

Through this little bump in the road, I had to remind myself the reasons that we decided to homeschool.

Main reason, pictured at left.

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