I don’t have any one thing to write about, but here, in a nutshell, is what takes up my time, runs through my brain and otherwise occupies me this week:

  • We start homeschool one week from Monday.
  • I haven’t hung up my maps yet. It probably doesn’t matter, but it bugs me.
  • I have to bring all the big/major art supplies  from the basement and home office and put them in our new Art Room.
  • We will have a new Art Room mainly to protect our art stuff from the destruction of  Love Bug.
  • My in-laws have been living in this room for 4 months and are moving out this weekend to their own place.
  • I’m taking the kids to a bizarrely named Amishy theme park tomorrow.
  • The last time I took them there, I was nursing Love Bug and I printed out the state law that said breastfeeding in public is legal and stuffed in the diaper bag because the theme park had some weird wording on their website about nursing mothers needing to nurse in  a specific place (Yeah, whatever.) and I wanted to be prepared in case they tried to mess with me.
  • I decided to homeschool the Queen Bee. It makes total sense to homeschool her along with Firefly.
  • I tried to call, talk in person and email the Queen Bee’s preschool teacher/director but could not bring myself to do it.  I could not figure out why.
  • So I sent in the enrollment forms and the first month’s tuition.  Sometimes you just gotta trust your gut, even if it defies logic.
  • My bestest friend, Java Mom,  had major, huge, very serious surgery today and the hospital sent her home by lunchtime, without even one overnight stay, but hopefully with very good painkillers.  I think if one has small children and has to have major surgery, it should be mandatory that insurance companies pay for at least two night’s stay in the hospital.
  • My 6 year old, whose previous interaction with our Wii consisted mainly of setting his sippy cup next to it, is now totally addicted to Lego Star Wars.
  • Lego Star Wars starts out with cute lego figures wielding light sabers.  It then progresses to guns and blowing things up. Great. Just great.
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8 Responses to Randomness

  1. shan1004 says:

    you know, I never even thought to check about nursing at DW (or anywhere for that matter)… when Grover was small I nursed all over that park (and all over many places in many states between the two kids) and never had trouble, thank goodness!
    I can’t get the boys to play Lego indiana jones, which they got for Christmas last year at all… not once. Wii bowling has given way to Mario Kart, which is super fun!

  2. Good to know on the Star Wars Wii game. We haven’t played it past the first couple of screens – think I’ll keep it that way.

    Have fun getting your new room ready!

  3. I love your random thoughts! Praying for healing and quick recovery for your friend, and totally agree about the two nights thing!

  4. Mrs Random says:

    1. We’ve been schooling since mid-july, and I don’t have my map up yet.
    2. My excuse is that I can’t find anyplace with a laminator big enough to laminate the map, and i’ve been reluctant to cut it in half.
    3. My art closet is a disaster. It could eat your Love Bug and we’d never find him again. Any tips?
    4. Boys play different than girls. (yeah, yeah, I know its not pc, but its true.) Lego guns and lego explosions won’t turn him violent or destructive.
    5. My daughter has named all of my son’s pretend games “death or doom”, because all his make-believe seemed to include some sort of major calamity that the toys or pretend people had to endure or overcome. I think its part of learning to be a warrior of the Lord.
    6. You can trust me on this, even though I have messy closets and unhung maps.
    7. My 7 year old also is very caring, very sweet, and very considerate. He watches out for others, he takes care of my mom who lives with us, and he loves small soft furry animals. Then he goes and beats the snot out of “bad guys” on the wii.
    8. I’m done sermonizing for the day, I promise.
    9. Bottom line, don’t stress, don’t worry. 🙂 Enjoy your little boy 🙂

  5. I loved this! It sounds like you have a very busy time right now, with lots of transitions. We have not started our new school year either. Your family sounds a lot like ours.

  6. IKWYM about the Lego thing. That series of games is what prompted my youngest into gaming. I can also relate to the maps, thing, lol. YAY about reclaiming your art room!!
    Healing thoughts for Java Mom…

  7. Thanks for all the comments, everyone. Mrs. Random, thanks for reminding me that even though my son in all “death and destruction” with the Wii game, he is also the sweetest big brother and a big animal lover. Maybe he won’t grow up to be a serial killer after all. It’s hard not to think that when he gets that excited look and says, “I just blew that guy’s head off!” when playing Lego Star Wars. 😉

  8. JavaMom says:

    Wow, I’m thrilled to make the list! LOL! Thank you for the healing thoughts! I’m coping. I, too, am disturbed by the Lego character head-blowing-off stuff!

    By the way, as far as laminating large maps — Kinko’s (uh, I guess now it is technically FedEx Kinko’s) should be able to do it for you Mrs. Random. If you don’t have one near you, try the office services department of Staples, Office Max or Office Depot if they are nearby.

    And my kids’ maps are rolled up in a corner, waiting to be hung up.

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