F.I.A.R. Madeline

Five in a Row started off with a big success:  Madeline!  Both my 6 and 4 year old really enjoyed “rowing” this book.  The basic concept of F.I.A.R. is that you read the same book each day and then do different activities that include social studies, language arts, art, math and science.

We did lots of the things suggested in the F.I.A.R. book, but we also added a few more.  Some I found searching on the internet and I wish I had bookmarked the pages so I could give proper credit for these wonderful ideas. Lesson learned.

We made these cute Madeline’s with paper and a cut up paper towel roll.

The French flags are just a 3×5 card, I had the kids glue red and blue construction paper to the card.  They colored popsicle/craft sticks black (their idea, to match the flag on the top of the Eiffel Tower on the cover of the book).  I used my hot glue gun to glue the sticks to the flags. I gave them each a piece of clay to mold into a flag stand.

We went to the library and checked out Mad About Madeline: The Complete Tales, by Ludwig Bemelmans.  I had planned to read this after we finished rowing, as a follow-up, but the kids couldn’t wait!  It turned out to be a wonderful supplement.  Most of the rest of the Madeline stories follow her friendship with a boy named Pepito, the son of the Ambassador to Spain.  When Pepito moves from Paris to London, Madeline and her friends go to visit him.  This gave us the chance to introduce the countries of Spain and Great Britain as well. We found them on the map and talked a little about each one.

Netflix streaming video had several Madeline movies. A brief review of the descriptions found Madeline:  Meet Me in Paris to be the most like the books and the most educational.  It consists of three cartoon episodes that provide a tour of various Paris landmarks.

Here are some other fun activities we did:

  • Took a walk at half-past nine and smiled at the good and frowned at the bad.
  • Bought a loaf of French bread to have with our dinner one night.
  • Made French toast for breakfast.
  • Checked out French language cd’s from the library and listened to them while we made crafts.  This inspired the kids to want to learn a few basic French words such as bonjour, merci, etc.
  • Used the French words we had learned in our daily interactions:  “Bonjour, Firefly!” instead of “good morning”.
  • Checked out several childrens books on anatomy at the library so we could see what an appendix looked like.  These books were fascinating to Firefly and led to learning many things about the human body.
  • Had our resident expert Lego builder, otherwise known as Daddy, help build a Lego Eiffel Tower!

Next week, we will row The Glorious Flight.  This is out of order for the FIAR curriculum but a nice transition geographically, as it  also takes place in France and Great Britain.

More of my Madeline posts can be found here and here.

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7 Responses to F.I.A.R. Madeline

  1. JavaMom says:

    The JavaKids were most impressed with the lego tower! I’ve warned JavaDad he may be asked to build a similar item. In JavaGirl’s room (French/poodle themed) we counted Eiffel towers in her room.

  2. Jolanthe says:

    How much fun!!!! Love the tower and the dolls with the flags. 🙂 Hope you have a great time with your next unit too.

  3. Thanks, JavaMom and Jolanthe! We had a great time with Madeline. Hard to spend just one week, we could go on and on. 🙂

  4. What a great row!!! You guys did some really creative activities. I can’t wait to see what you do for the next book 🙂

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  6. jesslynn10 says:

    I love the tower!! My son Puddles would love to build that! What great ideas!! When we rowed Madeline, we went down to a local shipping channel and watched all the ships pass.

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