Beach Week with Friends, Crabs and More Crabs

Sorry to be so late with our week in review, but we were a little busy doing this…

And this…

And some of us did this….

Oh, and also, my kids, along with a bunch of other kids, went searching for ghost crabs on the beach after dark and learned all about them from a scientist who was staying at the same beach house we were. That was really, super cool.

We did some more stuff, too.  For example:

  • We went to a beach bonfire and made smores and gazed at the stars and Firefly spontaneously began to dig a big hole in the sand. When asked why, he said, “To get to the bottom.”  When asked what he would see when he got there, he said, “I’ll see the bottom.” So true.
  • We learned about the Circle of Life and also the Circle of Stupidity when a random ghost crab on the beach ran into the bonfire and roasted itself.  We like to think he was choosing his own destiny by escaping the mob of 3 to 7 year olds wielding shovels, buckets and flashlights, but in truth, he probably just wasn’t that bright.
  • I let Firefly talk me into buying hermit crabs and we set up a huge and fun habitat for them in his room when we got home.
  • Did I mention we stayed at a beach house with about a dozen people we knew and about 32 people that we didn’t know?
  • This was amazingly fun and easy, in that it was a big house and the people got along (with the occasional kid squabble over toys and such, of course) and were of the fun-loving variety.
  • It is really, really, really, really hard to go on vacation with a highly active toddler to a beach house that has A LOT of stairs and no childproofing devices whatsoever.
  • It is even harder to go on vacation with a 4 year old who says “No!” to everything, screeches a lot and is generally disagreeable to each and every request, but like a crab, if you stick her in water, she’s fairly docile.
  • ~~~~~~~
    So now, our summer is complete. We are home.

    Upon arriving home, we noticed a few of the leaves on the trees have begun to change to fall colors, cooler weather has set in at night and in the early morning hours.

    “Yes, that’s about right”, I thought. “Summer is officially over. Proceed with Autumn.”

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2 Responses to Beach Week with Friends, Crabs and More Crabs

  1. Sounds like great, exhausting fun 🙂
    We went to the beach this past week as well and also came home with crabs (of the fiddler variety). They’re currently living on our kitchen table mourning the untimely deaths of the other small critters who did not make the transition from open beach/bay to plastic habitat and constant scrutiny… I hope yours fare better!

  2. I saw your post, h, with the kids in the mud and all the crabs. Looks like wonderful fun! Not sure about our hermits. The last one didn’t last too long and these 3 don’t seem to be eating. Hmmmm.

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