Fun With Little Blocks

I dug into our art supply stash and came up with these little blocks to teach my four-year- old about calendars.  I took a permanent marker and wrote numbers up to 31 on them, gave her a blank copy of a calendar and away we went.  Grouping them in blocks of 7 of the same color helped her find the numbers easily, minimizing frustration.  She knew that she was looking for yellow, for example, when sorting through them all to find the number 10.

First we worked on putting them in order from left to right on the lines.  Then she mixed them up a bit to make patterns with the colors (orange, purple, blue, orange, purple, blue).  Soon she was asking for more numbers.  I made more numbers up to 50 and she mostly played with them, sorting and such, and it gave me another idea.  Somewhere I have a 100’s chart, all the numbers from 1 to a 100.  Wouldn’t that be fun with the blocks, too?

And if you are a toddler, playing with a little dump truck and some cars, you can do this with the blocks:

Dumping them out is fun, too.  And so is playing with little colorful sticks.

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2 Responses to Fun With Little Blocks

  1. Rebecca says:

    Dropping over from the Homeschool Village. Love your blog and can not wait to read more!

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