Fun With Seaweed

We made playdough sushi!  We found dried seaweed on our trip to the local Asian market.  Firefly spotted a bag of it, grabbed it and began to feel it’s crunchy texture through the packaging.  He is a sensory-seeking kid and I realized that for a couple of dollars, we could have some fun with seaweed.

Here’s what we did:

Bought a package of stringy seaweed and a package of flat sheets of seaweed.

Created sensory tubs where the kids could break up the seaweed and experience the textures, smells and taste (They said, “It stinks and it’s yucky.”,  but this did not deter them!)

Then we made sushi!  Out of playdough!

We took a sheet of flat seaweed…

Topped it with some flattened playdough and whatever other filling out hearts desired…

Then rolled in up…

And sliced the roll into pieces…

Then we used our fine motor skills to pick up the pieces with chopsticks…

We will let the playdough sushi dry out, as it will become a decoration at our Japan Festival  tonight.  It is rather stinky, so I had to relocate it from our art area to the laundry room.  The kiddos keep asking if we can make more!

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4 Responses to Fun With Seaweed

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  2. Michelle L. says:

    What a great idea! We start rowing Grandfather’s Journey and A Pair of Red Clogs in the early spring, right in time for the Cherry Blossom festival. I can’t wait to add sushi playdough rolls to one of the days activities. They look great!

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