Nature Sanctuary

A beautiful fall afternoon, my two boys running freely through freshly fallen leaves, exploring a new place, climbing, pretending, finding treasures.  Begging not to go home.  “Please, Mommy, please, can we come back here again soon?”

Yes, we can.  Yes, we will.

moss on bark

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7 Responses to Nature Sanctuary

  1. Theresa says:

    Great photos! Do you know what those green balls are called? We have them around here too. I always wonder what they are.

  2. Thank you, Theresa! I don’t know what those are called. Hoping one of my readers knows. My mother will know. Mom, where are you? Mooooooommmmmmm???
    (Probably still sleeping, she’s on Pacific coast time). Mom, when you wake up, please tell us what these are. Firefly says they look like brains, only round.

  3. Mom says:

    Good Morning,
    I fondly remember picking these Hedge Apples (also known as Osage-orange) from the ground and using them in centerpieces with gourds, fall leaves and little pumpkins. I love their bright green color. They have a wonderful citrus-like smell to them but they turn black and yucky after awhile. They are also called Horse Apples, Hedge Balls, Mock Oranges and Green Brains. Yes, Firefly you are right! They are also said to repel spiders, crickets and fleas, even mice. I did not know that. Thanks! I learned something too.

    Here are two links that you can check out. The first link even gives you ideas to use for crafts. site where you can actually “buy” them. Who knew?)

    So there you have it! Enjoy them.

  4. Farrar says:

    I don’t know what they’re called, but I’ve always heard they’re (oddly) a sort of inedible citrus fruit. Have you ever broken one open? They’re strange and smelly inside.

  5. Thanks, Mom! We will use that link today to learn more about the hedgeapple today.

  6. We call them Osage Oranges, but if people want to buy them, we could sell them for less than $19 for four! For that price, I”ll even call them Hedgeapples, if they want! We have oodles of them all over the ground! : )

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