“Mom, I Wanna Go Outside!!!”

This was a different kind of week.  We did a lot of math (for us) and  a little bit of handwriting each day, and then we did this:

While we were outside, we chopped up our rotting Jack-o-lanterns and Halloween pumpkins and made pumpkin “soup”.

A few garden tools, a rotting pumpkin and a friend make for a great afternoon activity and an impromptu lesson on decaying plant matter.

Add dirt, leaves and some rotting cherry tomatoes to make a deliciously stinky pumpkin soup!

Later in the week, we watched various YouTube videos of fruits and vegetables decaying with time-lapsed photography, and did this activity from PBS’s  Sid the Science Kid.  And then we did this:

We rowed Lentil for our F.I.A.R. book, which tied in nicely with a discussion on Veteran’s Day and we did suck on lemons like Old Sneep does in Lentil and discussed taste buds.  We read The Magic School Bus Comes to It’s Senses as a companion book.  We played our harmonica, just like Lentil and one day, Firefly watched a little movie of Lentil on YouTube while I cooked dinner, because we didn’t have time to read the book.  That’s because we were too busy doing this:

Did I mention it was sunny every single day with weather in the high 50’s and low 60’s?  With weather like that, what choice did we have but to be outside?  Maybe next week we’ll stay in. Unless it’s sunny and warm again.  Then we’ll go out.

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3 Responses to “Mom, I Wanna Go Outside!!!”

  1. Nikki says:

    I looks to me like you guys had an awesome, rockin’ home educating week!

  2. Aria says:

    What a great week-we had nice weather here and enjoyed it a lot!
    Saw you on the weekly wrap up-check us out! We’d love to see you;)

  3. Samantha says:

    When they’re young, there’s no better place to be learning about science than outside!


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