I’m Sorry, We’re Closed

Homeschool P.E.

I am so proud of Firefly’s math abilities.  I just needed to say that.  For all our struggles with reading and handwriting, it dawned on me the other day that he really does well with math and it makes him happy.  You can see it on his face, how good it makes him feel when he gets one of the concepts.  And he tends to then take a concept and run with it, so we wind up going way beyond each lesson in our math curriculum.

And realizing this makes it seem like small potatoes that math, in general, is not my favorite thing.  Our particular math program is very scripted and it’s a very different way of doing math than how I was taught, so it doesn’t always feel comfortable to me.  The lessons can be lengthy.  They require a chunk of time, which we don’t always have.  Around here, we sit down to do math and toddlers tend to steal the math manipulatives.  Preschoolers begin making demands for snacks and that Mom find the exact My Little Pony video that has been missing since last Spring. So finding uninterrupted time for math is a BIG challenge.

"whittling" soap, an activity for our F.I.A.R. book, Lentil

Oh, we do other math every day, like measuring things, fractions, money, etc.  But our actual math curriculum is a great program and it is obviously a good fit for Firefly. And, he needs to have some part of school, on a regular basis, that he can be successful with and feel good about that.  So with that in mind, I resolved to do an in-depth math lesson with him three times this week.

So how many times do you think we’ve done math so far this week?

That’s right, none.

I’m having the kind of week of previously unseen craziness and I’m trying to figure out why.  Perhaps it’s because Love Bug is trying to drive me insane by not napping for the past two days.   Perhaps it’s because we had too many activities scheduled out of the house.  Perhaps it’s because I started cooking some new things in an effort to feed myself and my family in a healthier way and they take more time to make.  Plus we spent an afternoon upgrading the toad habitat.  And Firefly spent a whole day at The Husband’s office after begging to do so for months.  Yup, they all add up.

Process, not Product: adding water to soap pieces.

With Thanksgiving coming up, preceded by a weekend away for me and The Queen Bee to go pick up my grandmother three states away, a mound of laundry that defies logic and a house that looks much more “lived in” than anyone who is expecting a house full of people next week should have, I’ve made an important decision.

Creekside Learning is closed!  Until after Thanksgiving weekend.  If the kids want to be read to, we’ll do it.  If one of them wants to, say, pull out their handwriting workbook, I’ll  say, “Go for it!”  We may read our Five In A Row book, but that is a big maybe.

It becomes shaving cream! My sensory-seeking kid was totally engrossed in this activity.

I need to regroup.  To clean up, to plan ahead some meals for next month, to read a book, to celebrate Thanksgiving with my family, which includes our tradition of cutting down a Christmas tree the day afterwards and decorating it over the weekend.

And perhaps, I’ll even find a way to work math into our schedule when we re-open.

Love Bug wanted to join in, too, so we gave him some actual shaving cream. He tried to lick it off of the plastic knife and then put globs of it in his hair.

The Creek Kids and a friend, making Indian corn. Paper squares, mini marshmallows, markers, glue.

Some of the finished products.

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8 Responses to I’m Sorry, We’re Closed

  1. Natalie says:

    Good for you. Knowing when to “hold ’em” is really so important! Let me share what has happened at our house, in case it offers you any ideas. I have chosen not to teach my K child math. I just don’t like math, and I know there are theories of learning that say better late than early on math, and I have chosen to cling to them . . . for now, we don’t do math. It’s not in our cirriculum.

    Guess who found out about math on her own and is driving/creating her own math cirriculum? Yep, the K child. She makes her own lessons, finds her own manipulatives (her cereal, her play jewlery, books, babies, cars, etc.). She comes to me and thrusts paper in my hands and asks me to write out math problems. I finally laminated a 100’s chart and put it out as her “placemat” of sorts, and she is teaching herself and drilling herself and making all sorts of problems for herself right from that 100’s chart. I also have the Mathtacular set which she is using to drive her own learning too. She is turning everything we do in just the regular course of our day into her own math lesson – I often don’t even say anything . . . she’s wrestling math to the ground fine by herself.

    Maybe next year I will have a subject called math in our day, but then again, I think “why get in her way, she’s doing fine”.

    Good luck!

  2. Daisy says:

    one of the biggest pros about homeschooling is flexibility of scheduling – school around life versus the other way around. So enjoy your time off and enjoy the thanksgivings of your loved ones!

  3. Rivka says:

    Sounds good! Enjoy your time off, without guilt, and come back refreshed!

  4. Carrie says:

    Wonderful! You’re very smart to close up shop when you know you need to! Have a safe trip!

  5. Aria says:

    Have a wonderful trip! I just connected with you on fb! Come and see us at http://growing3godlygirlz.blogspot.com —we would LOVE to see you there;)

  6. Thanks, everyone! Happy Thanksgiving!

  7. I love when resolution gets interrupted by life. It sounds like you’re doing what your family needs right now – enjoy your break!
    Happy Thanksgiving!!

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