The CPSC Gets it Right

Kudos to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission and their stance on babywearing! I don’t usually sing their praises. I mean, afterall, these are the same people that send me weekly emails recalling another set of hooded sweatshirts because the drawstrings are a strangulation hazzard. Duh.

But this morning, I was wowed by their email in my inbox that starts right off acknowledging that “babywearing has been practiced safely for thousands of years in many different cultures”.  They even mention the Attatchment Parenting principle that “‘babywearing’ promotes a positive bond between child and parent”.

They could’ve created a national panic and recalled all baby carriers.  They could’ve advised the entire nation not to use them. But they did not.  They kept their heads about them, acknowledged the wonderful benefits and advised parents on how make it safe for their babies.

One even wonders if there are some AP-minded parents right there at the CPSC.

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