Another Random Thoughts Post

Lots of stuff going on here at Creekside Learning but nothing worth writing paragraphs about, so here, in a nutshell, is what is up:

  • We had a wonderful week+ off and then got back into the swing of things. Our week back was delightfully boring a week of lots of accomplishments. Seriously, we got tons of math, reading and writing done, but who wants to read about that?
  • We totally ditched our reading program in favor of Progressive Phonics, which is online and free. Firefly balks at times, but who cares, it is working! He is reading more and more. We’re doing lots of review ( I told you we were being boring).
  • I love and adore and am totally devoted to Five in a Row, but wow, do we get a lot of other stuff done when we don’t row a book.
  • I made two kind of impulsive decisions (totally unlike me; I’m a planner, just ask my mother) that are going to probably increase the chaos level around here by 62% but they felt right so I went with it.
  • The first impulsive thing is that we are getting a dog. He’s a cute and shaggy thing from a rescue place where we went on a tour with Firefly’s Roots and Shoots group last week. We pick him up tomorrow.
  • I cannot yet tell you the second impulsive thing I did, until I have notified the family members involved.
  • Note to my dear family members:  The family members involved do not read my blog, so don’t worry, it’s not about you.
  • We had a wonderful two+ week visit with my 89-year-old grandmother, including a celebration of our family’s 100th year in the United States.  My grandmother’s father came from Italy in December of 1910.
  • I discovered, via homeschooling, that it was in fact the 100th year anniversary. We were learning about Italy and I was showing the kids a picture of the ship my great-grandfather came to the U.S. on, which I got on a trip to Ellis Island years ago. I noticed the date, sent a facebook message to various family members, and POOF!  Celebrations sprung up from all over the U.S. with little groups of family members getting together for Italian dinners. This proves that you just never know what some of the wonderful benefits of homeschooling will be.
  • The Husband can cook.  This is not a newsflash, but he is making more and more awesomeness in the kitchen these days, including homemade pasta, sauce and meatballs.  He is totally in touch with his inner-Italian grandmother (this is funny because he is not even a smidge Italian).
  • Love Bug, our adorable and destructive toddler, turns two this week.  He’s our last baby and he’s not a baby anymore. I’m sad about that but he’s so darn cute.
  • I am throwing the lamest party ever for him but I’m okay with it because he will have family and friends and he can run around and have fun and eat cake and he will have a blast. But I feel bad that I don’t have a theme or decorations or much of a plan other than going to the grocery store and getting a cake and some other snacks the morning of the party, but I can only do so much here, what with homeschooling and cleaning and getting ready for Christmas.
  • Our Christmas tree looks amazingly nice considering that it is secretly evil.  It drops needles the size of chopsticks, which clog the vacuum cleaner. It’s branches are droopy, requiring ornaments to be shoved onto them.  It’s trunk is crooked.  It weighs more than our mini-van (I know because I helped The Husband drag it into the house).  We chose it because we went to the Christmas Tree Farm on a day that was freezing cold and they had some trees already cut so we picked the first one we saw and were so happy to get back into the warm car, we didn’t care.
  • I have no clever way to end this post so tune in next time when I update you on life with the new dog, the evil Christmas tree and my second impulsive, chaos-increasing decision.

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5 Responses to Another Random Thoughts Post

  1. Theresa says:

    Congratulations on the dog! Can’t wait to see pictures!

    When I read posts from people who start homeschooling their kids when they are young–I SO wish that I had done that and never sent mine to school! They grow up far too fast!

    Happy Birthday to Love Bug!

  2. We also ditched what we were doing in favor of Progressive Phonics not long ago. We went through the lessons really fast and suddenly my son is doing better. We even went back to plowing through Explode the Code but with many fewer frustrations. I’ve been letting him read with me in the Progressive Phonics style too and that has made a big difference – I point to the words I know he knows the phonemes for and read the words without any questions that he doesn’t. It’s funny how a change up can help.

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