Wright On Time Books Review

“Read one more chapter, Mommy, pleeeaaase?”

I know when I hear that from my 6 year old, he is hooked.  He could be off playing or tormenting his sister, but instead he is on my lap asking me to keep reading.  Later, at bedtime, he opts to dash back downstairs to retrieve “the cool book about the caves” and we read two more chapters.  He begs for more but I have to get my four year old ready for bed, get our schoolwork together for tomorrow and finish the laundry so I tell him, sadly, “No.”

He holds onto the book, paging through it to see the pictures. When I pass by his door on my way downstairs a few minutes later, he is still looking at it.

Wright On Time Arizona is the first of Lisa Cottrell-Bentley’s books in the Wright On Time Series. The series follows the Wright Family (kids Nadia and Aidan; parents Stephanie and Harrison) on their RV travels.  The Wrights are homeschoolers and they travel around the U.S., learning all the way.  The next two books have been released, Wright on Time Utah and Wright on Time Wyoming.  There is a common thread throughout the books, an ongoing mystery about a strange device with cryptic symbols that Nadia Wright finds, and her quest to decipher what the symbols mean and what the device actually does.

Ms. Cottrell-Bentley began writing the series after she and her children searched for books about homeschooling families and found the selection very lacking.

The books provide suspense, action, and a nice interaction between family members, while imparting valuable information about the states in which the books take place.  The parents have a host of  interesting friends who supplement the children’s learning experiences:  a paleontologist, a linguist, an energy expert, etc.

Bonus if you are a homeschooler:  the Wrights are a homeschooling family.  Bonus if you are not a homeschooler:  The books are a great read!  They make me wish I was a kid in a homeschooling RV-traveling family with parents who collect interesting friends.

I am so glad to have these books on our shelf and highly recommend them.  They would make great gifts for the holidays!

Disclaimer:  I received the three Wright on Time books free from the author, in exchange for posting a review on my blog.  My review is my honest opinion about the product.

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3 Responses to Wright On Time Books Review

  1. Anna-Marie says:

    I am reading these to my son age 6. We are on the second book. I love them. They aren’t dumb down in any way. The author uses advance vocabulary (great to discuss with your kid while reading). We will continue purchasing these books 🙂

  2. Rivka says:

    It looks interesting. What reading level would you say the books are?

    And how did you get this deal to get the books free in exchange for a review? That sounds like the kind of thing I’d love to do. I thought only longterm established blogs with big followings were picked for that sort of thing.

    • Rivka, what are you saying? My blog is big time! Just kidding. 🙂 I mentioned the author in another post and she emailed me and asked me to review the books. I see now on her website that she specifies the amount of blog traffic for free copies to be reviewed so check out her blog.
      As for reading level, we did the books as read-alouds (me reading to my son) as he is a beginning reader at age 6, but we have a friend who is the same age and is an advanced reader (reading on 4th grade level) and he has no problem with similar books.

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