Creekside Learning, Now 33 1/3rd Percent More Homeschooly

I am pleased to announce that The Queen Bee will be joining us full time at Creekside Learning.  Actually, in addition to being pleased, I am also worried about how I am going to find more time in this already stretched-too-thin schedule of ours, but I am sure we’ll figure it out.

After months of debating, I finally dis-enrolled her from preschool. This nearly killed me because I adore her school and I have been taking one or the other of my older two kids to a wonderful teacher and home-based school for the past 3 years. It’s been very hard to say good-bye, for me.

Also, I have thoroughly enjoyed the break that preschool afforded me, from Firefly and The Queen Bee fighting. I am a much different Mommy when I am not constantly doing things like gritting my teeth and issuing idle threats (“If you don’t stop fighting over that toy/book/t.v./imaginary object that does not even exist, I am going to send you to quiet time until you are 25!”).

But, here is where The Queen Bee wants to be, at home with us. There are things she will miss about going out to preschool for sure, but each day she was saying she didn’t want to go, she wanted to stay with us.  And, I know that at preschool, they will be readying the class for public school kindergarden next year.  Since we are seriously considering homeschooling her next year, she won’t need to be prepared to meet our school district’s  standards of learning or to get used to the idea of riding a bus, and following the public school classroom routine.

I expect a fair amount of confusion and likely protesting from her, come kindergarten, about not climbing on the yellow school bus each day and waving goodbye to us.  Having watched her older brother do the same during his kindergarden year in public school, she has been greatly looking forward to this.  But we will deal with that when the time comes.

So, a couple of weeks ago, I was having the usual debate with myself about whether or not to leave her in preschool or take her out.  The Husband has stood firmly supportive of either decision, so it was just me, in my own head, left to wrestle with the pros and the cons.  Finally, I figured, the December break would be a good time to do it. It would be the least abrupt for both her and her classmates and teacher, as well as for us at home.

And so, I picked up the phone and made the call. And then I walked around in shock for a couple of days, wondering what on earth I was going to do with her. But I’m okay now.  It feels sort of good to be a total homeschooling family. It always felt a little odd to explain to other homeschoolers that “my daughter goes out to preschool”.  We won’t have to work around the preschool schedule any more, or bundle everyone up just to drop her off, 5 minutes away.  And most importantly, she can be at home, where she wants to be, learning at her own pace, playing to her heart’s content, and yes, even fighting with her big brother.

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