Are There Snow Days In Homeschool?

Yes. Yes, there are!

It started to snow this morning, just as we were opening our Advent calendar for the day, and before we had gotten to anything school related.  So we just followed the day where it took us.

Our Advent activity was to make Reindeer Food, to be put out on the lawn on Christmas Eve. The sparkles in the sugar sprinkles will sparkle in the moonlight and thus help Santa to find our house and it gives the reindeer a snack.

You can find the recipe and template for directions here.  We made a few extra bags to share with friends and the kids wrote messages to each friend.

We watched the snow for a bit, but we could not just watch for too long, because it is the first of the season and so exciting…

So we headed outside to play in the quarter inch of it.  More would come later and we’d be out in it again, fore sure, along with our publicly schooled neighbors, who got out of school two hours early today…

We wandered down to the basement because The Queen Bee requested decorations for her dollhouse.  Fortunately, I had these miniature trees for my light-up village houses that I haven’t gotten around to putting up this year…

While we were in the basement, we dragged our old, skinny,  partially lit artificial tree out and set it up and the kids decorated it.  We already have our Christmas tree upstairs, you will recall it’s evil nature. But we have so many ornaments, due to the fact that my mother-in-law cannot go past a Hallmark store without (lovingly) purchasing mass quantities of wrapping paper, cards, ornaments, candles, potpourri, photo albums and the like.  The kids wanted to set up this tree as a surprise for my niece, who will be staying with us over her month-long college winter break and residing in our basement.

We spent a long time watching the birds feast at our neighbor’s feeder.  At one point, we counted seven male cardinals in the tree outside our window, while many more cardinals, finches and others crowded the feeder.

We had hot chocolate.  Twice.  And we listened to Christmas music.  And we basked in the magic of a snowy day.

We discovered that the new Creekside Dog loves the snow.  Here’s what he looks like tonight, after playing in the snow with the kids much of the day:

We didn’t quite get to schoolwork. It just seemed like the day never lead us that way. Just another benefit to homeschooling, I suppose.

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3 Responses to Are There Snow Days In Homeschool?

  1. Rivka says:

    Now I’m wondering if you live near me. We had a great time playing outside in 2 inches of snow. Colin was running in circles shouting “It’s snowing, mom! It’s snowing!” (Of course he has no memory of last year’s blizzards.)

  2. Janet W says:

    Sounds like a wonderful Snow Day! All we had was a sheet of ice (Illinois). I went to high school in NoVa – Woodbridge.

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