Velcro-dot Christmas Trees

Here’s an easy but entertaining project to teach toddlers the names of colors.  Even my preschooler has been having fun decorating and undecorating this paper-laminated tree.  I made a simple cut-out of a Christmas tree on green paper, laminated it and added velcro dots.

I then laminated sheets of colored paper and used a one-inch circle hole punch to make discs and attached coordinating velcro dots to the back.  As I handed him a disc, I’d say, “What color is this?…Green!”  We started with just two colors, then added more as he began to catch on.

I originally made the discs to keep my wiggly one busy during diaper changes.  I attached 2-inch thick strips of velcro from a sewing store, to the wall next to the diaper changing table.  I used Command strips to attach the velcro to the wall and protect the paint.  Before changing a diaper, I handed my toddler a cup with the discs in it. As he pulled them out, I said the color names or asked him what color it was.  When all the discs were on the velcro strips, he got the empty cup at the next diaper change and could put the discs back in the cup, while Momma again repeated the color names or asked him what they were.

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2 Responses to Velcro-dot Christmas Trees

  1. Valerie says:

    I am curious what you use to attach velcro to the laminated page. Was it sticky-backed velcro? Did you glue it on? Sew it on?

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