Learning Letter Sounds: Our Letter Pockets

This is our Letter Pocket Board, made from a tri-fold display board that can be purchased at any office supply or craft store, inspired by The Activity Mom.

I took 13 long, white envelopes, sealed them, and cut them in half.  I wrote the uppercase and lowercase letter sets on each one in colorful markers and attached them to the board with double-sided tape, leaving the open end of the envelope at the top.  This makes a little pocket, into which small pictures can be slipped.

My four year old, The Queen Bee has a bucket of little pictures.  She chooses one, says the word and figures out what sound it starts with, finds the letter and into the pocket it goes.

This has also helped her with the order of the alphabet.  If she couldn’t find the letter Ll for example, we sang the ABC song as we pointed to each letter on the board until we got to the letter Ll.  Although, by now she is pretty efficient at find her letters and sounding out all of her words.

Some things I’ve used in the letter sounds bucket include:

The printable cards I found at Prekinders.

Cutting up greeting cards.

Christmas photo cards are especially fun.  She loves to figure out the names that each friend and family member  begin with.

You can also cut out pictures from magazines and junk mail.

Other uses we’ve discovered for this versatile activity:

  • Figure out what letter a word ends with, put the picture in the corresponding pocket.
  • Figure out multiple pockets each picture could go in.  For example, a picture of a friend could go in A for Amy or F for friend or S for smile, which is what she is doing in the picture.
  • Letter of the week:  I give her a pile of pictures, many that start with our letter of the week. She sorts them, making a pile of all the ones that start with our letter of the week and a pile of pictures that don’t.  Then she gets to put a whole pile into one pocket, all at once. What satisfaction! She then figures out where the remaining pictures go.

The only suggestion I have, if you try this project, is to cut a groove in the front part of the envelope so it is easier to slip the pictures in.  At first, my daughter struggled a bit with this and we had a few letter envelopes pulled partway off the board, and a few picture cards tucked in behind the envelopes amongst the sticky tape.  With practice, though, she’s gotten the hang of it.

I’d love to hear any other ideas you may have for possible uses of our Letter Pocket Board.

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2 Responses to Learning Letter Sounds: Our Letter Pockets

  1. Turned out great! Great ideas on where to get the pictures to use.

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