This Just In: I’m Nuts

Yesterday was just one of those days. Actually, it wasn’t. It was a normal day. Or what qualifies as normal around here. Kids played, did school work.  Got in their usual scuffles over toys.

Then Love Bug refused to nap. Second day in a row.  Third day in a week. But I know that he is not giving up his nap. He just turned two. He is not giving up his nap. If one more person suggests that he might be giving up his nap, I am going to go into a fugue state.

Anyway, then we went to this playgroup, which my neighbor invited us to and I was pleasantly surprised to discover that I knew someone else there. I spent a good bit of time chatting with her.  Our daughters know each other. I mentioned to my neighbor, “Oh, Elizabeth and I already know each other from such and such.”  Elizabeth was surprised to find out that I homeschool my kids. “So you’re home with all three of them all day?  Every day?  Really?”

Me: Yep.

Her: Wow.

We chatted some more.  When it came time to leave:

Me:  It was great to see you, Elizabeth!

Her: My name is Anne.

I apologized profusely.  I don’t know why I got her name wrong. I’ve emailed with this person, she actually has the same first and last name as another friend of mine and both of their husbands have the same first name. You would think I’d remember that.

She said “no problem” and all that but I am pretty sure I just confirmed the fact for her that I am indeed nuts. She thought I might be, with the homeschooling and being with all my kids all the time and all, but now she knows for sure. I have lost my mind.

Then I realized that she let me call her the wrong name like half a dozen time before she said anything.  And no one else said anything either. What the….???!!!  Well, what do I know?  I’m crazy.

Yes, I am.  I’m sure of it because then I rushed my kids through dinner and out the door to go to Firefly’s basketball game, only to arrive at the game site to find that no one was there.  The game was on a different night.

Yup, it was one of those days.

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4 Responses to This Just In: I’m Nuts

  1. My son (turned 4 in November) would still happily take a three hour nap everyday if I let him. I had to stop his naps because he’d stay up until after midnight and mama ain’t havin’ that! So. I assumed my daughter (20 months old) would be the same. Nope. She stopped napping a few months ago. I cried. It’s ROUGH! But the plus side is that both usually fall asleep pretty easily at a very decent time at night, so I have a chance to decompress. GOOD LUCK!

  2. Deb says:

    The end of napping….truly a sad time.

    But! I am sure it’s just a phase! She is not giving up napping yet, she just turned two!

    (how was that? convincing? I might have been lying a little bit)

  3. Steph says:

    Girlfriend, now you’re starting to sound like me! I had one of our mutual friends totally confused for another of our mutual friends last week. And I’ve done the basketball game thing more than once. Keep the faith on the naps. He might get back on the wagon. (although my Love Bug quit cold turkey at about 18 months…)

  4. Siggi says:

    All three of mine wound in and out of naps vs quiet time for ages, and Buddy is still at it at almost 2.5. Don’t fret it! Do your older kids have quiet time during the day? I’m trying to establish it with my older two, since *I* need the break, but so far no luck. Hopefully once they are both reading independantly that will come. (Don’t disillusion me, and I won’t disillusion you, fair?)

    BTW, anyone who doesn’t correct you during the first five times you call them the wrong name *totally* deserves to get called what ever you decide to call them. I vote for Hassenfeffer.

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