Things I’ve Done (this week) To Keep My Toddler Busy So I Could Do Schoolwork With My Other Kids

  1. Did school all day on President’s Day because my husband was off work and he watched our toddler all day. Most. Productive. Day. Ever.
  2. Made a sensory tub out of rice and dry beans so he wouldn’t get into our messy science experiment and art project. Totally worth vacuuming up the mess and wiping up the spit-covered dried lentils he left on the table.
  3. Put all the kids in the car with a movie on the DVD player and drove around aimlessly for half an hour just so my toddler would fall asleep. Two days in a row. How else were we going to get math and reading done? Not to mention the dishes.  And it was an educational movie so stop judging me. Ok, it was Despicable Me.
  4. Let him wreak havoc in his siblings bedrooms so I could do read-alouds with Firefly and The Queen Bee. They discovered it later. “What’s that you say? What happened to your room?  Hmmmm, maybe we have gremlins.  You’ve never heard of gremlins? Well, they’re these little, nasty….things.  From the ’80’s?  Oh, nevermind, I’ll help you clean it up.”
  5. Considered installing a Velcro wall and fashioning a tiny Velcro suit. Did not follow through:  Velcro too expensive.
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7 Responses to Things I’ve Done (this week) To Keep My Toddler Busy So I Could Do Schoolwork With My Other Kids

  1. I’ll be keeping this list handy… LOL!!!

    I have an almost 10 month old who is already a homeschooling terrorist. So next year schooling a 3rd graders, 1st grader & K-er with him…. just thinking about it sounds like an adventure;) IS it wrong to keep him having morning naps until he can school with us???

  2. Siggi says:

    Oh, that all sounds SO familiar, right down to pricing the velcro, and the pirhanas, if that doesn’t get it done.

    Have you tried wipe-off books with Love-bug yet? Buddy loves coloring, writing and erasing the pages over and over again!

  3. Rivka says:

    We had excellent luck this week with a basin of water and a bunch of corks. The part where you need to drink wine so that you have corks available is particularly helpful to the attitude.

  4. Janet W says:

    Hang in there. They really do grow up fast.
    Janet W
    (with a 12 & 17 yo)

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