St. Patrick’s Day Learning Fun

We are having lots of learning fun with a St. Patrick’s Day theme.  Here are some of the things I am doing with my almost-five-year-old:

  • Shamrock template. Print out on white cardstock, paint with green paint and sprinkle with gold glitter while the paint is still wet.
  • Learning the colors of the rainbow using the Roy G. Biv acronym.  Indigo is something between blue and purple, “the color of the deep midnight sky”.  I didn’t know that.  I had to look that up. They Might Be Giants has a song about Roy G. Biv and we’ve been having fun listening to that from their Here Comes Science album.  The link is to their YouTube video.
  • Here is a beautiful rainbow crayon project from Almost Unschoolers.
  • Another crayon craft uses a warming tray to melt crayons . I just got one of these trays passed down to me from a relative, and we have no shortage of bits of crayons in our house, so we were excited to try this.
  • So many, many great, fabulous rainbow activities can be found here, on Jolanthe’s blog, including lots of printables and lots of links to other rainbow activities and printables.
  • We found Ireland on the globe and made a simple flag of Ireland (green and orange strips of construction paper glued to a white 3×5 card, attached to a popsicle stick; piece of clay for the base).
  • Of course, we’re writing lots of big R’s and little r’s and thinking of words that start with the “Rr” sound.

For my big first grader, besides doing the crafts (always fun) and learning the Roy G. Biv memory trick, we’ll focus on learning about Ireland:

  • BrainPop has a great video with accompanying activities about the origin of St. Patrick’s Day.  A subscription is required but you can get a free one-week trial subscription.  We already know and love BrainPop Jr. and now we are becoming totally addicted to BrainPop.
  • Electronic book about Ireland, read by Irish students, includes information about geography, history, currency, music and more.
  • YouTube has so many possibilities for learning about Irish arts and culture:  type in The Chieftans, Irish dancers, Irish music, River Dance and so on.

Melting crayons on the warming tray.

Want to know what Leprochauns really are?  Why people kiss the Blarney Stone?    Some explanations can be found here. Click on “Legends and Stories” and scroll down to “More St. Patrick’s Day Stuff”.

I’ll add more things to this post as I come across them. Please share your ideas in the comments section, too. I’d love to hear what others are doing with their kiddos.

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2 Responses to St. Patrick’s Day Learning Fun

  1. QueenBee says:

    Thanks so much for sharing these resources!!

  2. Janet W says:

    Sounds like a fun week! I kind of miss all those crayon crafts now that mine are older. Guess I’ll have to find a 5 yo to play with.
    Janet W

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