Seed Packet Garden Markers

The Creek Kids and I have been planting seeds for our new garden plot that The Husband is building for us. Yay! It makes me soooo happy when The Husband does a home improvement project. But anyway…

I made these garden markers by photocopying the seed packets onto cardstock (flatbed scanner would work, too), then laminating them and hot-gluing them to a popsicle stick. For now, they are marking our seed trays, but I am hoping they will be sturdy enough to move outdoors when the seedlings are ready to be transplanted into the garden.

Firefly, The Queen Bee and I had fun filling our seed trays.  We had to do this indoors because we kept getting delayed by cold days, windy days, rainy days and toddlers who refused to nap.

So finally, I put down a big plastic tablecloth on the floor, gave them a bucket of dirt and a spoon, and we set out to get the seeds planted.

Then we used a bowl of water and the spoons to water each little section of the seed trays.

This is the first time The Queen Bee (almost age 5) has planted seeds, so we read the book  What Does a Seed Need? by Liz Goulet Dubois, which details that seeds need dirt, sunlight, water and most importantly, time.

So now we wait….we water….we check….we try hard not to disturb the little seeds….we talk about how yummy the carrots will taste, how pretty the petunias and pansies will be.


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2 Responses to Seed Packet Garden Markers

  1. Mom says:

    I was reading about planting new seedlings and it was suggested that you don’t put the water directly where the seed is planted, but to water the corners or around it so the little seed can draw the moisture from there. If water is placed directly on the little seed it could cause it to drown or rot. Also, this article suggested a spray bottle instead of using a small watering devise like a spoon or sprinkling can. What a fun project!!

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