The Homeschool Terrorist

Our resident Homeschool Terrorist*, otherwise known as the adorable 2 year old, Love Bug, has amped things up a few notches.  Not only does he rarely nap, but at the mere site of me and his siblings attempting to read a book, do a math problem or attempt a science experiment, he immediately stops whatever quiet, playing with trains or whatever he’s doing, and begins climbing on me, shrieking loudly and demanding snacks. Nevermind that I have just played trains with him for half an hour or that he’s had literally 6 breakfasts or that Mommy has fun toys for him, or the exact same things his siblings are using. He goes into full warfare and frankly, I am exhausted. So we are doing a very lite version of schooly stuff this week and lots of unschooling.

I know that this is a phase for him. He won’t always be this way. And we are so close to the late Spring/early Summer break that I’d planned to begin at the end of May, that I’ve just decided to be a relaxed homeschooler for the next month.  Firefly is signed up for art and science classes, he’s reading every day, we are testing out various math programs for the fall and fitting in whatever science, read-alouds, art projects and handwriting wherever we can.  The Queen Bee is doing some reading, some counting and a lot of pretend play with horses and ponies, as well as asking to take ballet again. We are going to museums and parks and theatres and various other field trips galore.

This is our schooling for now. I have my worries.  I worry that Firefly isn’t doing enough math and enough reading. It’s hard not to compare to other homeschoolers, some of who accomplish an amazing amount of stuff in a day.  But I know our lives won’t always be this chaotic. And I am looking forward to our time off. Lots of days at the farm and the pool. Time for me to plan and regroup.

In other news, our poor seeds that we lovingly planted, faithfully watered, and tried to coax into sprouts did not, well, sprout. Nada. Not a single one. We tried to warm them up. Water them more. Water them less. But they just wouldn’t budge.

So we gave up on them and plan to buy seedlings from the garden center, just as soon as we can get there. Which needs to be soon. Because they need to go into the ground. By May 1st where we live.

And the raised-bed garden The Husband so dutifully was willing to build me cost too much. So we revised our plan to just put beds right in the ground. But it keeps on raining. And raining. And raining.

So this weekend, unless we have to build an actual ark, The Husband will dig the beds and the Creek Kids and I will go to the garden center and get some seedlings and put them into the ground along with our wonderful garden markers. Well, about that. I put the seedlings outside for a few warm days and, well, they got rained on, of course. And my beautiful, laminated, seed-pack garden markers became such a mess, I couldn’t even bear to photograph them. The ink ran inside the laminated plastic (huh?) and the glue came off of the popsicle sticks. So much for that.

But, the point is, we can and will grow our own veggies right here on our little suburban plot of land and I hope to instill in my kids what my parents and grandparents instilled in me, and that is a love of gardening.  Of getting your hands dirty in the earth and growing something that you can bring into your kitchen, cook it, season it with wonderful herbs also grown in your garden, and serve it to your family. Yes, that is what we will do.

And we will plant flowers, too. “Pink and purple flowers”, insists The Queen Bee.  Yes, that is what we will do.

*credit for the hilarious phrase, Homeschooling Terrorist goes to Kelly at  In Everything .  Some time ago, Kelly left a comment on my blog referring to her own toddler’s efforts to sabotage school in her house.  Love Bug has been affectionately known as our Homeschooling Terrorist ever since.

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6 Responses to The Homeschool Terrorist

  1. Sarah says:

    Love that phrase. We’ve got a Homeschooling Terrorist too. Have had to move things around this morning to prevent the worst of the climbing!

  2. I have two homeschool terrorists 🙂 Believe it or not I found out that they were causing such a ruckus because they wanted to be involved too. I give my 1 yo a used workbook and a pencil and she dutifully fills in every blank area on the page even if it takes hours, and I give my 3 yo some dice, a dry erase board and marker, and sometimes an I-Spy book (his favorite) and all is well!

  3. Thanks for the “shout out”!! I didn’t even know until someone commented on my blog about your post:)

    And I’m in total agreement with the above comment. My little tyke wants to be involved! I will definitely be spending lots of planning time next school year trying to keep his little hands (and mind) busy:)

  4. Rivka says:

    Thank you for being so forthcoming about the difficult parts! It can be so hard to talk about the plans that fall through and the projects that fall apart and the perfect scenes of harmonious learning that only happen in homeschool catalogues. I love that you write about it, and with such good humor.

    (In our house, the two-year-old has discovered hitting. And the six-year-old has made herself a comb-and-paper harmonica, which she practices constantly. OMG.)

    • Thanks for your nice comment, Rivka. I really appreciate that. It has been so challenging with my youngest and trying to homeschool this year. In my darkest hour, I have wondered if a boarding school for toddlers exists. But, my readers reassure me that their toddlers also wreak a similar havoc.
      As for the humorous take on it, if I couldn’t see the humor in it, I would probably enter a fugue state, never to be heard from again. 😉

  5. Elizabeth says:

    My Homeschool Terrorist is 13 now and will finish 7th grade this week. 🙂 Hang in there, it gets better! Notice that I didn’t say ‘easier’… 😉

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