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Blueberry Pie or How to Make a Man Fall in Love With You

Oh my, I do believe I made a quite tasty blueberry pie, along with my new Pie Assistant, The Queen Bee. “What does this have to do with homeschooling?”,  you ask. Nothing. “Isn’t this a homeschooling blog?”, you ask? Yes. … Continue reading

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The Creekside Family Goes Camping

Cast of Characters… Me:  a childhood camper with fond memories. The Husband: a reluctant camper with (who knew?) a fear that bears will invade our campsite and I will send him out of the tent to fend them off, lest … Continue reading

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Summer Fun at the Farm

Yesterday, we picked black raspberries and cherries under a beautiful blue sky….. Although the kids began to wilt in the sun and fuss and whine on the dusty road with not enough shade.  “Too hot to stay at the farm. … Continue reading

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Why We Homeschool

I’m often asked a question, usually timidly, by local friends and neighbors. It goes something like this:  “Why, did you decide to, um, homeschool? I mean, do you not like the schools here or….um….?” Because I live in a place … Continue reading

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“You Can Count on Monsters” Giveaway

Guess what?  My little Creekside Learning blog is turning one year old later this month!  To celebrate, I’m giving away two You Can Count on Monsters books, by Richard Evan Schwartz. You Can Count on Monsters is part math, part … Continue reading

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Update on Our Workbox System

I’m getting a lot of visitors to my blog on my workbox page lately so I thought I’d post an update on how this system has worked for us thus far.  We use a file folder system in a portable … Continue reading

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We finally got to see the jellyfish at the aquarium in Baltimore!  And they were wonderful! Especially the moonjellies. Remember the Five In A Row book,  Night of the Moonjellies? I posted about that back in April. And, we got … Continue reading

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