Dye-free Fourth of July Treats

I’ve been drooling over all the cute Fourth of July treats on blogs and websites, in festive colors of red, white and blue, things made with food coloring or sprinkles or gelatin or colored icing. Lately, however, we’ve been limiting artificial dyes from our kids’ diets,  having noticed extreme behavior changes in my oldest after consuming dye-filled foods.

Then I remembered our berry cake. We’ll be making this again this year.  I swear, I should rename this blog “400 Things You Can Do With Berries”.  But then it will time to pick peaches.  Anyway…

One tip, from experience, is that the raspberry or strawberry juice will run, making reddish-pink streaks all over the white icing. So this year, I’ll put the berries on just before serving the cake. I’ll also lay the red berries on a paper towel to try and absorb some of the juice, before placing them on the cake.

Happy Independence Day!

The Queen Bee; July 4th, 2010, age 4

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