Charlotte’s Web Theme, Just in Time for the County Fair

Summer means it is County Fair time and we found a great go-along book, Charlotte’s Web.

I read the book aloud to my seven-year-old.  For my five and two year olds, I found a picture book version, called Some Pig, at our local library.

What really got us interested in this story was that a local community theatre was doing a play adaptation.  My kids are so loving theatre productions right now so we’ve been going to as many as we can afford to buy tickets to. They really enjoyed seeing Charlotte’s Web, the play.  There is also a movie, which we found at our local library.

Activities to go along with Charlotte’s Web:

Spelling and Vocabulary.  I found Charlotte’s Web to be a great story for my new reader (Firefly) and my blossoming reader (The Queen Bee).  In the story, Charlotte is looking for new words to spell in her web, so I came up with this fun activity for the kids.

I drew simple spider webs with white pencil onto dark colored paper using this tutorial  and  had the kids spell out all of the words that Charlotte spins in her web. They began by sounding out the words on their own first, then by copying the corrected versions.

Of course, this inspired them to spell many more words on their webs:  their names, the names of other characters in the story, silly words and so on.  We made sure to define the words Charlotte came up with and thought of examples of people we know who are radiant and humble, and of course, terrific.

Look for spider webs and spiders. If you are lucky, you might even see a fly or other insect all wrapped up in the spider’s silky web, having been anethesized by the spider’s venom, and ready to be her next meal, just as Charlotte explains to Wilbur.  We were lucky enough to find that a spider had spun a web on the driver’s side mirror of our car and she had a fly wrapped and ready to go, the first day we spotted her.  She spent nearly a week living on our car mirror. When we would drive somewhere, she’d quickly crawl into the plastic casing that surrounds the mirror, taking her prey with her if she had some, and riding safely tucked in.  Naturally, we named her Charlotte.

We also watched various YouTube videos about these fascinating creatures.

Go to the county fair. Our county has one coming up in a couple of weeks. We hope to see the animals and will be on the lookout for the blue ribbon winners, just like the ribbon Wilbur hoped to win in Charlotte’s Web.

Images: Charlotte’s Web book from Amazon.  Blue ribbon from Microsoft Clip Art.

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5 Responses to Charlotte’s Web Theme, Just in Time for the County Fair

  1. Hmmm…great idea! My 9 year old never read Charlotte’s Web 🙂

  2. Natalie says:

    Certainly one of my all time favorites! 🙂 And to find a fly trapped in a web to observe, OH MY!!!! We have never been so . . . lucky.

    My DD is completely obsessed with spiders. Just in case you are looking for a . . . labor day gift . . . or something, here is my daughter’s favorite book.

    It is great because it is an easy/beginning reader, has tons of close up pictures, and talks about and names lots of different kinds of spiders. Ours is tattered. When her friends come over, she takes it out and they pour over it . . . even my 2 year old likes the book. 🙂

  3. Jessy says:

    Oh, I love the spelling in a web idea! Very creative and fun!

  4. Sharla says:

    Those webs are such a great idea! Charlotte’s Web is a fantastic book.

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