My Reluctant Reader and His Email Account

My 7 year old has come a long, long way with reading.  Leaps and bounds, really, after a year of plugging away during our first homeschooling year.  We used a formal reading curriculum all school year, then switched to him just reading books to me from our collection of beginning reader books as well as whatever he wanted to check out from the library. Some days he’d read one book, some days two or three. Sometimes he’d read to his little brother.  But then he started to fuss and whine and slither off the couch at the mere mention of read-aloud time.  We took a break for a few weeks. But the whining returned.

A friend mentioned that her son was looking for a pen pal via email.  I asked Firefly if he was interested and he was. So we signed him up for a free email account.  I sent his new email address to his grandmas, uncle, aunt, cousins, The Husband and the parents of his closest friends.  Well, he got lots of email from his pen pal, friends and the entire extended family. He is so thrilled to check his email and find something is there.  And guess what?  He is mostly reading them all to himself! Without prompting.  He’ll ask for a bit of help here and there with some words he doesn’t know but for the most part, he’s reading them on his own.

And he is answering many of the emails, too.  At first he dictated to me and I typed.  Then one evening he wanted to answer his pen pal and I was busy cooking dinner.  He hunted and pecked and asked how to spell stuff but he did it. He typed a whole email by himself. This is truly progress.

Wow, reading and writing and spelling all of his own doing.  With no whining or fussing.  Works for me!

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One Response to My Reluctant Reader and His Email Account

  1. Siggi says:

    My kids love to make cards for each other, and for their Grandpa and Daddy, too, so we do the same thing, but on a 2-5 yo level. Getting and sending mail is *always* fun! 🙂

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