A Swirly Whirly Week

I’m swirling in a whirlwind of planning. Trying to fit in all the learning ideas for my kids, lining up their fall activities, trying to figure out our schedule.  Starting new subjects as we try to hang on to our wonderful summer learning mode, full of fun projects and relaxed days.

In the midst of it all:

An earthquake–not a crisis in and of itself. Our house shook. We were confused, surprised, it made the day feel very strange. Then it became a learning opportunity–the layers of the earth, the ways that they can shift, the differences between east and west coast earthquakes.

The Husband traveling for work. We miss him. It’s been a long time since he traveled. The kids say things don’t feel right when Daddy isn’t here. I agree.  Despite our achy hearts, we’re doing amazingly well, the  three kiddos and me. We had pancakes for dinner. Without bacon. The Husband would be appalled. We are living on the wild side.

The laundry out of control but the rest of the house amazingly clean. I am not sure how this happened. The clean house part, that is.  Perhaps it’s due to a recent deep cleaning that we did and now we are all trying very hard to maintain it. Interesting technique. Should schedule that quarterly. Or monthly. Or something.

Our niece is headed back to college.  Our wonderful niece has ended another summer here and is headed back to the north.  The kids will miss her terribly, that time every day when she comes home from work and they squeal with delight and run to hang onto her limbs, asking a million questions, making requests for her to play this or that with them.  The Husband and I will miss her too.  She’s good company.  Fun to have around. Not to mention helpful. But higher education calls.

Cooler days.  We’ve had a few, of late. I’m sure the hot weather is not gone for the season, but it has been a reminder, along with everything else, that summer is coming to a close. Fall is near. We’ll stretch out summer for a little while longer, though. Oh, really now, we’ll squeeze every last drop out before we let it go. The best way to keep summer going? Go to a southern beach in mid-September. Can’t wait. It’s almost time to pack.

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2 Responses to A Swirly Whirly Week

  1. I was on the phone with my husband and he said his car was shaking, but I didn’t feel a thing.

    I have been trying to get our fall schedule wrapped up too!

  2. I’ve been putting it off. As excited as I am to get back into more directed learning with my crew, I am just not ready to let go of these lazy summer days, yet. I think I’ll lock myself in the office on Saturday morning, and just get it done. Thanks for the reminder!

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