Lilly’s Purple Plastic Purse Activities

It all started with a list of plays at a local community theatre. I let the kids each pick a couple that they would like to attend over the next year and my 5 year old daughter picked Lilly’s Purple Plastic Purse, based on the book by Kevin Henkes.

Lilly adores her teacher, Mr. Slinger. She is so excited to show the class her new purse and it’s contents, but can’t focus on her classwork. She becomes angry when Mr. Slinger puts her things away for the day and she writes him an unkind note. She later deeply regrets it when Mr.  Slinger returns her things at the end of the day with a nice note and some snacks.

Well, naturally, after using Five in a Row literature based curriculum, we can’t just go to a play based on a book without making a whole project out of it, can we?  Nope.  I immediately set off to find some activities we could do to go along with this wonderful book.

Our most fun activity, by far, was making our very own purple plastic purse.

We took two 8.5 x 11 sheets of foam (purchased for less than $1 total at a craft store) and cut them to fit into a gallon zip lock bag.

We then folded the rest of the plastic bag into the inside of the “purse” and used the excess strips of purple foam to make a handle for our purse.  We stapled everything in place.

And here is our very own purple plastic purse!

The Queen Bee then ran off to find things to put into her new purple plastic purse. They were different than the things Lilly chose, although she did want 3 shiny quarters, just like Lilly.  We discussed how much they were worth and practiced counting quarters:  25, 50, 75 .  We added one more to make a dollar and then compared it to a paper dollar.

I found some coloring pages on Kevin Henkes website of Lilly at her desk, Lilly with her purse, dot to dot and more to print out and in addition, my daughter drew several more pictures of Lilly.  And we can’t wait to check out more Lilly books from the library.

We talked about things we have done and regretted and how we made things right with a person we had been upset with.  We also talked about what The Queen Bee wants to be when she grows up.  Lilly wants to be a teacher, just like Mr. Slinger.

And tomorrow, we will go and see the play. Of course, The Queen Bee plans to bring her purple plastic purse.

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2 Responses to Lilly’s Purple Plastic Purse Activities

  1. so cute! My daughter loves this book and she would adore making & having her very own purple plastic purse!

    I would love to invite you to share over on my child centered linky – the Sunday Showcase:


  2. How cute is this? My girls love this book (Kevin Henkes is our favorite author/illustrator!)
    “C” is staying home with me tomorrow for a sick day and wants to do homeschool preschool (she calls it “momschool”) She would love this, guess what we’ll be doing? Thank you!


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