Explore, Play, Pretend

I’m so grateful that my children had this wonderful afternoon.  They found caterpillars, and climbed on hay bales and fed rabbits and played in the sunshine.  They pretended to be Kings and Queens in a castle and the Rescuers of Bugs.  They had such fun!  The Queen Bee danced at ballet class and Firefly had an hour and half with his grandparents all to himself.  Love Bug ran and bounced and played until he exhausted himself, slumped over in his carseat, covered in dust and sticky from our adventures, but peacefully asleep.

Where did school fit in on this fine Wednesday, you might be thinking?  Well, the morning was a rush of getting math and language arts done for the older two.  Piano practice and history would come after dinner.  Yesterday was full of science and more history, and tomorrow will be full of art and more math and language arts and some more science. But this afternoon was imagination and discovery.

As I drove home from the day’s activities today, I thought, Wow. How wonderful it is that they had this day.   They learned the important stuff that we all need to learn but they also got a lot of time to just be kids:  to explore and play and pretend.

This is a glimpse into one of our many days.  Some days are very hard, swim against the current kind of days.  Monday was a rough day of lots of squabbles and struggles but today was one of those “oh-yeah-this-is-why-we-do-this” kind of days and I found myself awash with gratitude.

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One Response to Explore, Play, Pretend

  1. Angela says:

    That sounds glorious! Love the photos too!

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