Halloween Fun with Stellaluna

Stellaluna isn’t a Halloween story, but Halloween is a great time of year to read it.  Think of all the bat decorations you may already own or could buy from the dollar store.  Perfect for acting out the story of Stellaluna, which is exactly what we did today. Just a little activity that only took a few minutes, but was fun and had all three kids engaged.

Stellaluna is a brave little bat who gets separated from her mother and lands in a nest of baby birds. She tries her best to fit in, eating strange foods and sitting upright instead of hanging upside down.  When she is reunited with her mother and the other bats, she goes back to find the birds, realizing that even though they are very different from her, they are very dear friends.

I brought in a branch from outside so that we could have a tree for Stellaluna to land in.  Using the bats from our box of Halloween decorations as props, the kids acted out the story as I read it.  Then we talked about being brave, and some things we have done, even though we were afraid.  We also talked about being friends with someone, even though we might be very different.

To take this a bit further, you could also explore information on fruit bats or do a batty craft.

Just a little pre-Halloween fun with Stellaluna, by Janell Canon.

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One Response to Halloween Fun with Stellaluna

  1. Oh, I need to pull out my Stellaluna and also a bat puppet I have. I think my six year old (and probably his 10 year old sister) would enjoy this during Halloween week. Thanks for reminding me!

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