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The Secret to Happy Kids (and Dogs, Too)

Want to know what makes my kids come alive, use all of their senses, stop fighting (for the most part), and work as a team to help each other with challenges?  It’s this: I so want to get outside every … Continue reading

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Slowing Down to Enjoy the Busy Season

We are having a relaxed month in our schooling this December. How, I wondered, did I do that? I had to stop and think.   Last year was our first year homeschooling and I suppose I put pressure on myself … Continue reading

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Explore, Play, Pretend

I’m so grateful that my children had this wonderful afternoon.  They found caterpillars, and climbed on hay bales and fed rabbits and played in the sunshine.  They pretended to be Kings and Queens in a castle and the Rescuers of … Continue reading

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Life With Dogs

So, on our way home from our vacation at the beach we brought home a full grown dog. Just stopped at someone’s house, and “Surprise, kids!”, we’re getting a dog. Well, it wasn’t as simple as all that really. What … Continue reading

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A Swirly Whirly Week

I’m swirling in a whirlwind of planning. Trying to fit in all the learning ideas for my kids, lining up their fall activities, trying to figure out our schedule.  Starting new subjects as we try to hang on to our … Continue reading

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The Creekside Family Goes Camping

We did it.  A family of non-campers went camping. Not only that, but it rained nearly the entire time. And we survived.  Not just survived, we thrived.  Thanks to our much more experienced family and friends that accompanied us.  And … Continue reading

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Goats Do the Strangest Things

So yesterday, a goat was licking my car and today it cost me $350 but it’s actually a blessing in disguise. We went to the farm on Wednesday, as usual, to pick up our milk. One of the goats that … Continue reading

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