Learning with Literature & Five in a Row

We have grown to love learning with literature, lingering for a week or two over a particular book or series of books, centering our language arts, math, science, history and art studies around them.  It is a mode of learning that my children have responded to with enthusiasm and delight.

One of our favorite curriculum selections is Five In A Row.  Even if you are not a homeschooler, this is a wonderful resource to enjoy reading with your children using lists of children’s literature that have truly been some of the best books we’ve ever read.

My Five Fun Things to do with each Five in a Row Book post can be found here.

F.I.A.R. Books From Volume I

The Glorious Flight

Grandfather’s Journey (more Japan activities here and here)

How to Make an Apple Pie and See the World

Katy and the Big Snow

Lentil (Lentil soap “whittling” photos here)

Madeline (additional activities here and here)

Mike Mulligan and His Steam Shovel

Night of the Moonjellies (Jellyfish aquarium photos here; Jellyfish craft here)

A Pair of Red Clogs (more Japan activities here and here)

Papa Piccolo (some more Papa Piccolo activities can also be found here and here)

Stopping By the Woods on a Snowy Evening

Who Owns The Sun?

FIAR Books from Volume 2

The Giraffe that Walked to Paris 

Before Five in a Row

The Snowy Day (coming soon)

Our Learning with  Literature Series

Something funny began to happen after we learned about “rowing” books.  We started to naturally “row” other books that we read. We can’t help it, really.  It just seems the natural thing to do.  And the kids don’t think of it as “school”.  

Here are some of the other books we’ve explored and loved:

Angelina Ballerina by Katherine Holabird

Charlotte’s Web by E.B. White

Chrysanthemum by Kevin Henkes

Fancy Nancy (coming soon)

The Gingerbread Man by Jim Aylesworth

Lilly’s Purple Plastic Purse  by Kevin Henkes

Little House on the Prairie series by Laura Ingalls Wilder

The Mitten by Jan Brett (coming soon)

Olivia and  Olivia Goes to Venice (a few more Olivia activities here) by Ian Falconer

Pinkalicious (coming soon)

Stellaluna by Janell Cannon


Check out all of the wonderful FIAR blogs on the FIAR blog roll below:



1 Response to Learning with Literature & Five in a Row

  1. Andrea Weathers says:

    I am so happy to find your blog!! I live in alaska and I am homeschooling my two kids…Saphire 6 and Valon 5. We are also doing FIAR and loving it (I just order Volume 2 !!!!). We also use handwriting with our tears, sounds like we are on the same page. It is great to find someone doing what we are doing! We are homeschooling for many reasons but first and for most to : keep learning outside the box!!! I am so glad you are posting all your ideas online, it was a gem to find and I look forward to reading your posts and sharing your journey!!! Thanks for all your great ideas ……Andrea in Alaska.

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